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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Spell of the Yukon

Driving home in the fall from Southeast Alaska was way cool. Passing through the Yukon Territory was a wonderful opportunity for fishing and exploring. I had my skiff in the bed of my truck and I launched it into any lake or river that I wished. I will say it again and again that I have to get back to these places!

Arctic Grayling. Dezadeash Lake 1983

Dezadeash Lake

A big Northern Pike

The Dezadeash River, Yukon Territory, 1983

Dezadeash River

Dezadeash Lake. The fishing was hot off this beach here!

A porcupine wanders by at Dezadeash Lake.

Dezadeash Lake

A Lake Trout from Dezadeash lake

A Northern Pike on the line at Dezadeash Lake

Kathleen Lake, Yukon Territory

Kathleen Lake

Louise Lake

A big Arctic Grayling at Kathleen Lake

The Yukon Territory near Kluane Lake