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Saturday, September 28, 2013


1992 was to be the end of commercial fishing for me. The regulations were changing and I got booted out of most of it for one reason or another. But a friend and I went for it while we could and did some halibut openings and a Black Cod opening. We caught the heck out of the fish and with the down time between openings we explored like crazy too. Among some other things I did that year was a fall deer hunt with my dad and a very late and adventurous December trip into the sound.

Codi at Applegate Island, Prince William Sound

One of my many favorites pics of Codi was when she took my sweater. Oh the attitude!

Exploring Nellie Juan Lagoon.

Me with a nice rockfish

Applegate Island

A cool Hermit Crab

Me with a pile of marine debris on Applegate Island. Little did I know I was destined to clean a lot of coastlines in the future. I always hated the stuff.

Mt. Gilbert and sunset on the sound

A perfect night to drift around in a boat

Skates and a bit of a tangle

Black Cod piling up

Coming up to our gear. It was always cool to see what ate our baits down in the abyss. We were fishing for the Black Cod at 2,000 feet!

A Thorny Head

A Sleeper Shark. They love Black Cod.

A Black Cod comes up. Always a good sight!

Me with some Black Cod

Some of our processed Black Cod

My boat was proving itself as the perfect tool for photography and many other things. Gotta love aluminum for its durability.

Soaking up the spring sunshine

A grand pile of fish during a halibut opening. This is a mix of halibut, Black Cod, and various types of rockfish.

Bonfires rock! Codi sure loved them.

Codi hangs out in front of Chenega Glacier

A trip into Cook Inlet. Here I am anchored in front of Redoubt Volcano

My dad and I went on a deer hunt to Knight Island in Prince William Sound. This was the moment we arrived on a perfect September day.

Gathering lots of wood for deer camp.

Loading the wood into the boat. This was always our first and most important chore for the deer hunts.

Deer camp

My dad and Codi up on Knight Island in the rain.

Awesome aurora broke out one night above our deer camp.

The aurora dances high above the boat.

Some rare purple aurora above our camp.

Willow Ptarmigan up on Knight Island

Mt. Redoubt and a stunning sunset over Cook Inlet.

Our City of Anchorage and the Chugach Range behind it taken from Point Mackenzie at sunset

Heading out of Whittier in December. I had to wonder about this.....

Pushing through slush in Culross Passage on our way to Knight Island in December. It was snowing like crazy!

Knight Island in December.

The view of Mt. Gilbert and the Chugach Range from West Knight Island on a gorgeous December morning. It is tough to be out here this time of year but wow can it be stunning!