Alaska Walkabouts

The adventures of an Alaska Wildlife and Nature Photographer.

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Big City

In 1968 we ended up in Anchorage Alaska where I was to stay for the rest of my life I guess. We first lived in a crappy little house near Lake Otis and Tudor. The winters then were terribly cold and there were lots of moose. We did the typical family stuff like hiking, skiing, and going fishing in Dad's canoe. Finally when we moved across town it was stolen and that was the end of it.

 Moose eating the remnants of the garden.

Driving the old VW bus in the mountains above Hope, Alaska

Fishing for salmon at Seward, Alaska

Portage Glacier when it was still a glacier. It has pretty much melted now.

The frozen Thunderbird Falls. It hasn't changed much over time.