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Friday, September 27, 2013

Captain Ted

In 1992 I made one of my better decisions and got my captain's license. This allowed me to take people boating for hire. I did some personal trips as usual then went to the town of Seward and did some fishing charters out of Miller's Landing with my friend Mike Miller. I also did a couple of kayak trips and commercial fishing openings out in Prince William Sound. In early autumn we had an interesting thing happen to our City of Anchorage when a local volcano, Mt. Spurr, erupted and sent a nasty cloud of ash our way. Now that was a mess!

My first kayak hauling trip into Prince William Sound. Something I was destined to do a lot of in the future.

Hiking with my girl Codi in the sound.

Charter fishing out of Miller's Landing at Seward.

Charter clients reel up halibut out of Seward.

My boat with Mt. Spurr ash all over it

Codi got covered in volcanic ash when she went in the bushes

Volcanic ash from Mt. Spurr

A car in a used car lot with volcanic ash all over it

The City of Anchorage had some bad air quality after the ash cloud hit us!

The ash cloud headed east and coated part of Prince William Sound. This is the ash on Tebenkof Glacier out of Whittier.

All baited up and ready for a commercial halibut opening

An incredible catch of Shortraker Rockfish on the longline.

Cleaning the fish 

A nice boatload of halibut and rockfish

Pulling the gear in bad weather

A Sleeper Shark comes up. He ate a Black Cod and got the hook in him. We simply released these guys.

The high country of Knight Island during a deer hunt.

We did a November deer hunt that year which is a bit late. We had some cold weather move in and the bay froze up.

A jelly fish frozen into the ice.

The view from above of our frozen world. I kept a channel open with the boat. It was pretty and all but it was a bit uncomfortable.