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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The 90's

Judging from the photos and memories they brought back as I was choosing some to post, 1990 was a grand year for adventure and exploration. It also looks like I started to take photography a bit more seriously. Among other things I fished a couple of commercial halibut openings and took the press out to see the some of the oiled regions in Prince William Sound. Exxon was moving into the bioremediation phase of  the cleanup and chemicals were being sprayed onto some of the beaches. The boat continued to open up new worlds for me including the deer hunts in the fall that I made into an annual thing for many years to come. I also bought the home that I live in now.

Loaded up with rockfish and halibut during an opening
A mylar balloon that Exxon used to keep wildlife out of the chemicals. The other side of the balloon had some eyes that were supposed to strike fear into them.

Channel 2 news crew in Herring Bay, Prince William Sound for a story on the bioremediation. You can see the balloon over there.

The oil was inside of some beaches.  Dig a hole and the rising tide pushed it up.

Codi and I out in Harriman Fjord in August of that year.

My first visit to Serpentine Cove where I go quite often now in the course of my glacier tours and my own personal photography missions.

My boat in front of Harvard Glacier

College Fjord, Prince William Sound

My Codi up in College Fjord

One of my favorite pictures of Codi is this one of her covered in dirt after digging for a rabbit out in the yard. Someone had introduced domesticated rabbits to the area and she loved hunting them.

Codi does one of her balancing acts on the front of the inflatable boat. Even while underway!

To our surprise Codi waded right into the streams and caught salmon like a bear. This was trip where she learned to do it.

Codi goes after some spawning Pink Salmon

Nellie Juan Lagoon and ice from the glacier

Trying to keep Codi warm in the late fall rains of Prince William Sound. I remember she fell out of the Zodiac a few minutes later and was one unhappy and soggy doggy!

Stocking up on firewood for our deer hunting camp

Me up on top of Knight Island during a deer hunt. I love this island and its great hiking.
Montague Island, Prince William Sound.

Montague Island, Prince William Sound

The glorious Prince William Sound

The stunning Knight Island in Prince William Sound. I want to start hunting deer with my camera and get back into these places. It has been way too long!