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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Start of the Future

In 1995 I was pretty busy working. I did buy another boat that I had planned on taking down to Juneau and using it in the semi-protected waters there. I ended up using it a bit and instead of giving the long sordid tale, let's just say that I lost it in rough seas out of Seward. I should have died that year and my friend Darren would have too but were literally plucked out of a watery death by a passing boat. Thanks whomever you were....! I certainly learned a lot from the incident and it made me a much safer boater after that. In our 20's we think we are immortal and take too many risks. No doubt boating is a risky thing here no matter what you do but that is a subject for other blogs. Towards the end of that year I hired a very good boat builder named Dave Kindred to build me a boat for life. So we began working on the boat that I still have 25 years later. The small but very strong Cape Chacon was born. Well...developing anyway. I had to make a living and then work on it off and on over the next few years until it was finally launched in 1988.

The boat I almost died in

We caught some big fish that year. This is a halibut we got out of Seward.

Me with a nice Halibut at Seward.

Dave Kindred welds on the Cape Chacon. Aluminum with a length of 22' 5" and a beam of 8' 6". I can't believe  how long ago this was!

I like the sparks. Go Dave Go!