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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Explorer

The Summer of 1983 was a grand one for me. I drove the Alcan Highway (Alaska Canada Highway) to Haines Alaska, and boarded the state ferry to Juneau. I visited with my dad and did tons of major exploration. I started my commercial fishing career with a five-day halibut opening and took my first major boating trip. It looks like I must  have had a better camera by this point ( A Rolleiflex I think?) and began paying a bit more attention to my photos. Wow did I get so see some wild places that year and as I can say often, I should have died a few times!

My Toyota at Haines, Alaska

My Second Skiff at Eagle beach near Juneau
The butt end of a coastal brown bear at the head of Port Frederick on Chichagof Island.  I never really got a good shot of a bear in all those years. I did not have the equipment. One of many reasons to redo my voyages in Southeast Alaska.

North Chichagof Island. I saw my first two brown bear on this day just up a stream on the left. They become much less mysterious when you finally get to see one. Or two.
Shooting Stars at Tenakee Inlet

Me with some rockfish on Shelter Island. Boy did I ever get a lot of these over the years!

Porpoise on the bow in Chatham Strait

Early halibut slaying at Lena Cove. My dad's house was near here and neighbors graciously let us have access to the cove through their yards.

Saint James Bay, Chilkat Range

Halibut aboard during a commercial halibut opening. I had five days to catch all I could and sell them. I did not know the area well yet and I did not do so good. I sure wish I could have some do-overs in life!

King Crab that came up holding my hooks with their pincers. Way cool!

Me with a nice halibut at Lena Cove where my dad lived.

Endicott Arm, Southeast Alaska

The Spanish Islands, Southeast Alaska. One of the wildest places I have ever been. I loved this!

Ashore in the Spanish Islands

Coronation Island. The wildest and most dangerous place in Southeast Alaska. A super windy place!

Nation Point, Coronation Island. I didn't see the mouth of the bay I needed to get into and found myself out there in that crap. I had to be careful getting out! So I sat here for a while once I was safe and contemplated life.

Kuiu Island. Coming into Table Bay. 

Table Bay, Kuiu Island

Table Bay, Kuiu Island

Waterfall Cove, Baranof Island

Dinner. This is how I fed myself out there. 

A sunburst over Chichagof Island.