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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Goodbye Southeast

The summer of 1984 was to be the last time I was back in Southeast Alaska. I swore that would never happen but it did. I ended up going on an epic tour of that region and logged 986 miles in about a month. I should have taken much longer but I pushed my luck enough and I ended up with minor engine troubles and even a crack in the boat. I can't even begin to describe all the cool things and places I got to see that summer but very high on my bucket list is to retrace that voyage in the boat I have now. Talk about a photographer's dream.....anyway, as usual I can say I am amazed to be alive after all those things I did in that little boat of mine!

Too many images to deal with but here are a few from that long voyage

The rugged outer coast of Chichagof Island

Chichagof Island

Marine Debris on the outer coast of Chichagof Island. Funny how I keyed in on it so long ago as many many years later I was actively involved with cleaning up stuff like this.

Chichagof Island. This place was cool!

Chichagof Island

Mt. Edgecumbe on Kruzof Island. An extinct volcano but there are some great hotsprings in the region.

Outer Baranof Island

The Outer Coast of Baranof Island

Ugly Dinner! But tasty. This is a China Rockfish.

Baranof Island

Baranof Island

The lovely and wild Coronation Island. This was the second time I made it here.

Egg Harbor, Coronation Island

The sea cliffs of Coronation Island

Coronation Island

Tokeen, Alaska. This whole "Town" went up for sale a couple decades later for about $1.4 million.

Keete Inlet, Prince of Wales Island

Wet weather in Keete Inlet, Prince of Wales Island

Me amongst the giant cedars of Prince of Wales Island

Keete Inlet

Hunkered down in the pouring rain of Keete Inlet. At least I had a great fire going. 

4: am on the backside of Coronation Island

The rugged and storm-blasted Cape Chacon on the southern tip of Prince of Wales Island. I named my next boat after this place. Just off to the right  is the Canada border.

Cape Chacon. The boat I have now is named after this place.
Me at Cape Fanshaw near the end of my long voyage. Wow I want to go back there!