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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fish and Game

The summer of 1991 was a busy one. It started with my first, and last, trip out into Prince William Sound in January. The heart of winter. Lots of darkness but oh so pretty. Then in summer I did the usual exploration, oil spill stuff, a stint with Greenpeace on the Rainbow Warrior (I was a beach guide and videographer), and two deer hunts during fall. Anyway, I will  let the photos do the talking. Looks like I was taking photography seriously by then. I did get into shooting video over the years but eventually I knew that I enjoyed the beauty of a still photo far more than video. 

Winter boating. Looks like fun yes? Pretty though...

January at Serpentine Cove

Dawn above College Fjord

Flat calm in College Fjord

College Fjord. The icebergs had all frozen together and we had to stop here.

The Chugach Range above College Fjord

Beautiful Prince William Sound

Codi soaks up the sun

Hanging out at the Cordova boat harbor


Midnight in the middle of Prince William Sound at Naked Island

Wildlife at Whittier. Eventually I came to know Victor and Vincent who were dressed up like bears that day. I need to ask them what was up with that.

On top of Perry Island. I used to take my mom and her friend out here for Summer Solstice.

The continual problem with oil spill debris. Plastic Pom Poms on Perry Island.

My Girl Codi on Perry Island.

Oil still lingered in some beaches. Dig down, dip the shovel, and presto. Pretty colors.

Human footprint with oil sheen leaching into it on Knight Island.

The Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior in Port Dick

Codi on the bow

Halibut hit the deck during an opening

A huge halibut we caught. I don't know how much it weighed. 300 pounds + I guess.

Codi with her deer. I shot of lot of them for food over the years. Now I want to hunt them with a camera.

Knight Island. My favorite deer hunting spot on a gorgeous October evening.

My first attempt at the aurora was during a deer hunt. I shot this from our camp.

Me with a nice rockfish during a hunt.