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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Time to Charter

In the summer of 1994, with little opportunity to continue commercial fishing, I entered the charter business in Whittier Alaska full time. I teamed up with another company called Honey Charters and began hauling kayakers, taking people on tours, and with the knowledge I gained from all my commercial fishing, I took fishermen out to catch lots of fish. Codi and I lived on the boat in the Whittier Harbor that year which wasn't the easiest thing in the world but we survived. I also did my usual trips in the spring and fall with friends for photography missions and deer hunts. We did a very late, cold, but gorgeous hunt that November.

A great photographer's tool in the rain

Codi's idea of an umbrella. She was none too pleased here.

Exploring the coastal rainforest of Prince William Sound.

My boat in the moonlight

The Whittier Harbor in May of 1994. The red-roofed building is Honey Charters and I worked out there for the next nine years.

Loading up for a kayak run.

Some kayakers got this shot of me and Codi at Willard Island in Blackstone Bay.

The Honey Charters Boat "Whittier Express" offloading kayakers at Surprise Cove

Fishing clients with some rockfish

Kayakers on a beautiful day in Blackstone Bay.

Clients with a big rockfish

Codi snuggled with everyone

Me with a big Shortraker Rockfish

An awesome iceberg in Icy Bay

Me with one of the bigger halibut I ever caught. 225 pounds or so.

Kayakers in Kelly's Cove

Clients with a nice Silver (Coho) Salmon

Some very nice halibut

Me and Codi up in Port Wells

Sleeper Shark on the line

A rough September day in the sound

Dynamic September weather

Cold fishing in November

A cold snowy morning during the November deer hunt.

Winter Wonderland

High winds hit the peaks of Knight Island in November

Cold sunset in Prince William Sound during November.

Fish on

An orca cruises by

A November sunset.

A starry November night.  No aurora this trip but I did a lot of night photography anyway.

The moon over our snug little camp. Looks like a comet.