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Friday, September 13, 2013

Moose Interlude

Today I went on a short hike with Bryn and wasn't really intent on photos but look what I found! I came upon a big bull moose who was hanging out with two cow moose. I did my best ninja impersonation and tried to blend into the surroundings with mixed results. It was a dangerous situation especially when another bull came along. I did my best to get good shots but as usual there were always trees or brush or grass in the way but there is nothing I can do about it. If I was to start moving around for a better shot I could get killed easily.

It looks like he is bugling like an elk but actually he was making no noise at all.

One of the cows. I kind of hoped he would do the wild thing with one of them for some photos.

I did not have my best lens with me as it is 15 pounds and I was not into lugging it around today.  But I think this shot turned out great.

Along came this smaller bull and I hoped to see the two duke it out over the cows. It created a very dangerous situation for me though as I cowered behind a tree!

The two bulls sized each other out but I think they knew each other. The smaller one seemed to already know his place as he was submissive. I also get the impression the rut may still be coming as neither bull had any fresh scars on it. Often the bulls are pretty torn up by early winter.

The big bull circled up the smaller one and you can see his ears are down. Not a good sign! The smaller bull nibbled on stuff and stayed submissive.

During the moose encounter I had kept Bryn down the hill a ways and made him stay. I would hate to get him killed as he is now 12 years old and too slow to defend himself well. It's up to me now!
This is what Bryn lives for and much safer than bull moose (or any moose).