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Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Change Will Do You Good

2002 was an up and down year for sure. Codi died on January 8, Bryn entered my world on February 22, and my burn out with the Whittier charter business became unbearable.

When I adopted Bryn I finally had a dog that could actually go do something. Old Codi was only able to plunk around on the flat lands. So puppy Bryn and I headed for the mountains in a big way that spring. I felt it was a good place to train, build trust, and bond with him. And although I did a few charters that summer, come fall I sold my Whittier condo and took a deep breath. I was to be bound to the place in one way or another, forever it seems, but not like I was. Here are a bunch of irresistible pictures of Puppy Bryn's and my first year together.

My little scamp on our first hike at Rainbow Valley.

Clam Digging near Seldovia. Bryn thought is was very boring!

Don't fall Bryn!

Taking a puppy break

Bryn's first trip out into Prince William Sound.  Axel Lind Island.

One of my favorite shots of puppy Bryn. Lone Island.

Bryn's idea of guarding the camp! Axel Lind Island

So cute! Lone Island

Playing tug of war during a beach cleanup. Something we were to do a lot of in the future. Culross Island

My silly pup at Pirate Cove

Hiking at Pirate Cove. He and I went back here this past summer.

Me and Bryn at Pirate Cove
Tasting everything!

Hiking above Blackstone Bay. 

Bryn hangs out with some fishing clients

Bryn was getting eaten by bugs lol! This was a beautiful hike.

High above Tebenkof Glacier

Handsome Bryn above Blackstone Bay

Bryn approaches the summit of South Suicide Peak. 5080 feet up in the Chugach Range.

Bryn and Matt at the Kasilof River.

Bryn, Matt, and Meghan on the Kenai River.