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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Another Year, Another Fish

1996 continued to be more of the same but that year I bought a condo in Whittier and settled in for the long run. Looks like I was so busy I didn't even do much photography. Here are a few odd creatures we caught and some beautiful ones as well. A good year for Silver Salmon looks like.

The view from my new condo. But life really sucked when that barge out there was in. So freakin noisy all night long.

Shore leave at one of my favorite spots. Bush Point, Perry Island.

A Crown of Thorns Starfish from really deep down

A big sculpin. People usually call these guys Irish Lords.

A common creature but rare to catch on a hook and line, a Wolf Fish comes up all pissed off. One of the few fish that will actually come after you when you get it in the boat.

A beautiful Silver Salmon

Halibut, Pink Salmon, and Silver Salmon.

One of my favorite shots of Codi. She was lounging in the sun on a friend's boat.