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Friday, October 11, 2013

Back to School

In the year 2003, at the age of 42, I got my GED then went to a local college to study computers. I never did finish my degree due to the high cost but it did push me into the digital photography world and I learned enough to help myself, friends, and family with their computer issues. Since I did not do any charters that year I was free to go do some other things such as helping some friends at their set net site across Turnagain Arm. We caught lots of nice salmon with nets and I had a blast.

My first digital camera was a crappy little 2 Megapixel HP point and shoot. Although I had more important things on my mind at that stage in life, I did continue to shoot some slides so I got a few decent shots that year. Bryn and I continued to do a lot of hiking and we went on a few trips with the boat.

Me with a big king that we caught at the set net site.

Kings and reds from Cook Inlet

Winter near Powerline Pass

Bryn was all about squirrel hunting. He worried me a bit with his tree climbing!

Way up on Indian House Mountain.

Above the fog on Indian House Mountain
This tree eventually fell down but for many years Bryn went up it every time we went by.

Bryn is too old to climb trees now but he sure went for it back then!

One of my many favorite shots of Bryn is this one on top of Axel Lind Island.
Hanging out around the fire on a rainy day.