Alaska Walkabouts

The adventures of an Alaska Wildlife and Nature Photographer.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bad Hare Days

Alaska's rabbits, Varying Hares actually, are programmed to turn white as winter approaches. The problem for them right now is that we are having a remarkably warm fall with no snow. So the little guys are rapidly turning white in a brown world. This is good from a photographer's standpoint but bad for them as there are many predators that like to eat them such as owls, hawks, lynx, and coyote. Although I have not gotten serious about photographing them, the timing is good if I choose to. For now I have only been carrying my cheaper 400mm lens and paying more attention to walking Bryn than getting pictures of hares. 

Photographing the hare is no easy task as they are hunkered deep in the brush. It is nearly impossible to get a clean shot of them without branches and grass getting in the way. And when I try to maneuver for a better shot they bolt and are quickly gone. But although I have not gotten serious with them yet I may grab my good lens and try a bit harder before any snow comes our way. And since I am finding chunks of rabbits here and there, I know the predators are after them as well and they are very high on my photographic list. Anyway, here are few silly shots I have of them over the past few days.