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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hello Bryn

One month after the death of Codi I found Bryn sitting in a cage at our local animal control center. I was actually there on other business but I ended up looking at the dogs there anyway. I rounded the corner into an empty row of cages and there he was all alone in a cage with a concrete floor, a blanket, a bowl of food, and an unused chew toy. So cute and so heart breaking. He was pressed up to the chain link and would just shut his eyes and squeeze even tighter against the fence. The policy here is that the owner has four days to claim their pet and for the next four days I visited him and thought hard about whether to adopt him or not. Finally my friend Brande put me on the waiting list since I was undecided. Codi had just gone away and honestly even I thought that maybe a male pit bull would be trouble. How wrong I was! Anyway, on day four I went and picked up puppy Bryn and that was 12 years ago now. I will go into our time together in later posts so for now I will just post some puppy Bryn photos. At the time of adoption we had to guess his age at 5 months and I named him after a glacier in Prince William Sound. Bryn Mawr Glacier. So he is Lord Bryn Mawr! The pics are from my friend Verena Gill.

Bryn at 5 months. An armload of mischief  and merriment!

Me and my little scamp. 2002