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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Is is better to burn out or fade away?

By 2001 I was at the end of my rope and Codi was at the end of hers. Many things about Whittier and my job were driving me crazy. That was the last full year of industrial chartering for me and sadly that was the last year of my Codi's life. As usual though I did get to see some cool stuff that season and we set a new rockfish record for the second time. 

May started out with a unseasonal dump of snow. One of those "what the heck am I doing here moments".

My friend Matt came down to help me deal with a little snow.

One day for no particular reason, the whales in the sound decided to fly.

When whales fly

Whale launch

A huge shortraker rockfish. This one missed being a new record by just ounces
The new state record of 38 pounds 11 ounces. It held for the next 12 years.

Baby King Crab from the stomachs of halibut.
An orca doing what they call "Spyhopping"
Codi's and my last hike together

Codi. She died that winter on a stormy dark January day just one day after her 15th birthday.