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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Self-exploitation and Shameless View Whoring

Today is yet another rainy day in Anchorage Alaska. For two months now the jet stream has been pushing one storm after another into our region. It figures this would happen right when I had a major photography trip planned. I want to take my boat out of the town of Whittier then go up into the head of College Fjord for about three weeks. I had hoped to be back by Halloween but every day I get delayed makes it seem more likely that I will be out there when winter strikes. The risk will be higher but the photographic rewards may be higher as well. So meanwhile all I can do is keep working on my websites. I decided to learn more about adding text to my images so I could design a line of postcards for my Zazzle store.  Here are some of them:*


Portage Lake

Portage River

Knik River

Knik River


Black Bear


Anchorage Coastal Refuge

Potter Trail

Port Dick

College Fjord

Barry Arm

Prince William Sound

Serpentine Cove

Turnagain Arm

Trail Lake

Pakenham Point, Prince William Sound

Turnagain Arm

Turnagain Pass

Baird Peak, Portage

Portage River

Dall Sheep, Turnagain Arm