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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Stay in School

For most of 2004 I went to college. I did one extended trip into Prince William Sound during June for a photography expedition with some friends, fit in a couple charters, and took some other friends fishing. But aside from a lot of the usual day trips hiking and such, that was about it for that year. It looks like photography was a low priority that year as well. I took a few slides and fiddled around with my silly digital point and shoot. I was enjoying the novelty of instant gratification and playing with the images on my computer. For some reason I just didn't care about the quality.

Mr. Bryn

My friend Thomas among the Columbines.

Bryn found this comfortable!

A very rare sight. This is a Bay Pipefish. I had not seen one before or since.

Thomas and an iceberg.

Bryn is a model. There are so many pictures of him in the world!

Exploring the sound

Looking down on Bainbridge Passage

More exploring

Thomas, Bryn, and Dave at the base of a big spruce tree on Knight Island.

A Sitka Blacktail Deer fawn. It looks dead but it was fine!

Oddly, a couple deer made it into the city of Anchorage Alaska that spring. I walked right up to this one at Kincaid Elementary school. None have been seen since but at the time many people thought they would populate the area.