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Saturday, October 5, 2013

The New Millenium

The year 2000. Another millenium, the same old stuff. Charter charter charter.....I began to burn out. The fishing charters were a tremendous burden to me and my Codi was fading away. But as usual I saw some cool stuff and we caught some tremendous fish.

 A whopper of a black bear that I found that spring. I remember spinning Codi around with my arms and pushing her out to the beach. Then I carefully took some pictures of him from behind a dead tree.

This young lady had a heck of a good day fishing. She caught a halibut bigger than her and a huge rockfish.

A King Crab. We had to release it unfortunately.

Some awesome rockfish.

What not to do with a kayak. Three people almost died in this triple kayak when they got too close to Surprise Glacier. It calved and the wave knocked them over. They swam to a rock near shore and were picked up by a tour boat. I rescued the gear.

My old Codi. She was 13 that year.

More awesome rockfish

Having coffee with one of the local kayak guides and his clients

Two Wolf Fish.

The biggest halibut of my career. 300 pounds.