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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Back to Work

In the year 2005 I left College and although I had studied computers, I was needed back in the charter boating business. So with a young Bryn I made the attempt but I had sold the condo and let my harbor slip go and I just did not have my heart in it. Mostly I just kicked around and explored with Bryn. But I always enjoy being out there in Prince William Sound and getting paid to be there isn't such a bad thing.  So here are a few pics from what ended up being my last year of chartering for the next seven years.

Some clients with a big octopus

Dropping Kayakers up in Blackstone Bay

My super-cute pup pup Bryn

A glacier tour to Chenega Glacier

Me getting brave at Surprise Glacier

My friend Matt of Whittier Marine Charters did some great shark charters in those days.

My dad with a nice rockfish

My friend Jeremy and his daughter Christina with an awesome rockfish.