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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Career Change

By the spring of 2005 I teamed up someone I considered a friend to clean oceanic trash off Alaska's coastline. Yes, I became a garbage man! We formed up a non-profit group and went for it. I was involved with the group until the fall  of 2012 when I learned that my so-called friend was not a friend at all. As I continue on with the rest of my history, I will not mention this groups name. But I had the time of my life cleaning up the very places that I loved and used so much. This particular summer was the start of the cleanups and here are a few photos.

Bryn always found a use for the nets

Loaded Up

Me with typical plastics that we pulled out of the bushes on Knight Island that year

One of my favorite shots of Bryn

One of Many

Off the beaches and bound for the dumpsters

Nets Everywhere

Knight Island was a much cleaner place when we were done