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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Enough with the history lesson!

OK, I have decided to end the year by year history of me thing. Let me condense it down to this: From the year 2005 to the year 2012 I continued with the shoreline cleanups during the summers. Bryn and I had tons of adventures and cleaned up some of the prettiest and wildest places in Alaska. And because of the things I got to see it dawned on me that I was throwing away one photographic opportunity after another by having substandard camera gear. When I entered the digital age in 2004, I got wrapped up in the novelty of instant gratification and for some reason I just didn't think much about quality anymore. I will post a blog about all that later. I ended up leaving the trash cleanup group last fall when I could no longer tolerate the person I was working with. I was forced back into the charter world  which I will also blog about later. Here are a few last photos of the cleanups and then I will move on to present times and other issues.


Me with the trash I pulled out of that little crevice.


Bryn earns his food

Me  in a cave. Violent storms compacted all this trash into it. I did what I could to get it all out.