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Friday, November 22, 2013

Full Circle

In the spring of 2013 I was forced back into chartering my boat out of Whittier Alaska. It was certainly not what I wanted to do but there are some good things about it of course. I get paid to go boating in Prince William Sound, I meet great people, and I can take photos. But I no longer had my condo or boat slip. So as I did in 1995, I once again lived aboard the boat. Nothing new there I suppose as that was the 25th year since launching it. My friend Matt Kopec had created a good business over there with his fishing charters and had an office and gift shop. I ran the shop when I was not working and honestly, I didn't get much work as no one really knew I was back in business. Hopefully that will have changed by this coming spring as I have a Fan Page on Facebook now, and more people are aware of what I am doing.

My greatest wish is to simply do photography missions with my boat but until the time comes when my photography brings me an income, I will have to continue working out of Whittier during the summers. Here are a few shots from last summer. I mostly did three-hour Blackstone Bay glacier tours.

Playing with icebergs

Me with clients

Feeding the eagles in Blackstone Bay

Bryn with friends

Now this is an ice cube!

An eagle grabs a fish in Blackstone Bay.

Me and Bryn up in Serpentine Cove

A Harbor Seal

A massive iceberg tumbles off Chenega Glacier

The head of Barry Arm and the tidewater glaciers Cascade, Barry, and Cox