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Friday, December 5, 2014

So Much Love So Little Time

Time is catching up with Bryn. He turned 13 on August 22 and as I post this entry he is 13 and 3 months old. Our walks are pretty much over as he has a lot of arthritis. I have him on three types of  painkillers and he seems to be happy and hungry so not all is lost. I am one who suffers. It's not easy to watch his steady slide downhill. These days we are just hanging around the house while I catch up on my websites and try to market my photos. For my own exercise needs I am using my treadmill. One of these days I may find the guts to go trail running again but I just don't want to go without Bryn. One day at a time for now until the inevitable end whenever and however that may be. Until them I am going to love him as hard as I can.

Here are some recent shots of Bryn taken during the summer charter season in Whittier:

Me and Bryn

Me and Bryn during the 2014 charter season

Being a goof ball

Cuddling on the couch