Alaska Walkabouts

The adventures of an Alaska Wildlife and Nature Photographer.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Midwinter Update

I have to admit there is not much excitement in my life these days. I am just working hard on my websites in an ongoing attempt to market my photography, taking care of an increasingly old and fragile Bryn, and trying to stay healthy in mind and body by running on the treadmill and doing lots of other exercises. I need to be strong for the future and whatever it may bring. Winter was and is the warmest one on record here in Alaska but about a week ago some snow arrived followed by a cold snap. Since then and for the foreseeable future, cold clear days and nights have dominated. Some patches of ice fog have been drifting around and painting the trees white with hoar frost which helped motivate me to go search for the aurora over the past three nights with Bryn and my good friend Dave Parkhurst. We have been going north and hanging out along the Knik River. The moon has been full and although the aurora was only sporadic and weak at best, the stark cold beauty was other worldly and magical.