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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Winter That Wasn't.

 For me, this was the the winter that wasn't. It wasn't in many ways. Alaska was and is busy breaking warm temperature records. Trails are mud. No snow for over a thousand feet up the mountains. It looks like late April and it's only late February. Bryn is failing me as well. He and I celebrated our 13th anniversary just two days ago. 13 years of love, laughter, and adventure. But his hips are riddled with arthritis and he is living on pain pills. Our walks are over. He can toddle around for 10 minutes or so before he sags to the ground. So I had no winter in several ways. But Bryn is still happy and hungry and seemed content to flop around the house while I took advantage of our down time to pound away at my websites. I spent months working on my zazzle store and it's a thing of beauty no doubt. It continues to be my only real hope to market any of my images. Not much income but just enough to be hopeful for the future. I also began niche blogging, tweeting, and pinning in a strong attempt at promotion. And this month I got two images into Alaska Magazine which should help. I also had 30 images printed and framed for a show at a local coffee shop but even though they were up for most of December and all of January, and everyone loved them, no one but few friends bought any of them. Today I approached another coffee shop and an art gallery in hope of getting them out of storage and out into the public again. I still have 24 pieces to sell.

 Other things that went on this winter included my old truck needing maintenance both planned and unplanned. It ate me alive financially. Also one of my boat engines needed a rebuild and the work was done in December. That leaves the other one needing a rebuild and we have it planned out but since it's still running good, we will hold off. It seem just yesterday the truck was new and the boat engines were new. Today they are 18 years and 15 years old respectively. Time to pay the fiddler. Last week my friend Matt helped me work on the boat. We set it up for salmon fishing and the plan at this point is to go back to Whittier for another summer, give up the halibut fishing, and concentrate on learning how to find the King Salmon in Prince William Sound. We know they are there but I have to learn a new way to fish; downriggers and deep trolling. Hopefully some glacier tours as well. But it's not going to be easy with an old dog that needs to be carried almost everywhere. One day at a time is all I can focus on now.

 March is just six days away and at the moment I am planning my third annual trip out into Prince William Sound for photography and adventure. This will be my last one with Bryn and at this point anything could happen. I may be delayed by weather, I may cancel if Bryn takes a turn for the worst, or I may cancel if something better comes along. Like a job! But today I started packing the boat and with the warm spring-like sun today, I am looking forward to getting out to sea again.

 I did little photography this winter. It was cloudy most of the time and I only went out a few times for aurora. Maybe in March........

Me at my Kaladi Brothers show.
One of the few nights I went out. 10 minutes later the clouds shut me out.
Moonlight at Portage Lake. January and the lake was unfrozen!