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Monday, December 21, 2015

The Silver Lining

The big news about the fishing scene this past summer was the return of a very strong silver salmon run. It's been years since we had seen anything like it and it was way past due. Like many things this past summer, they were a month early due to the fact that we didn't really have a winter. And I didn't complain. The business I got taking people out to fish for them made up for the lack of having a halibut permit. Also, salmon are user friendly, fun to catch, beautiful, and very tasty. For the first time in many years I now have a bunch of salmon in the freezer for winter. Alas, things always even out and this fall the halibut were hard to find so I don't have much of that in the freezer. There is always something! Maybe next year I will have it both ways.

A beautiful King Salmon that was mixed in with the silvers

Me with a very nice silver and I am enjoying every bite!