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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sweet Freedom

The 2015 charter season slowly faded away and I had a lot of freedom. The weather was outstanding and on August 12, while looking at the Perseid meteor shower the aurora came out. That began a renewal of my love for photography. I still had a few glacier tours to do and found some great opportunities there as well. But without the pressures of work and early morning commitments, I was free to anchor in quiet places at night and chase the aurora into the early part of September. Then Matt left me with the Meagan Ann and I ended the season doing some fishing charters until early October. Aside from missing Bryn like crazy, I was lucky as usual to see such great stuff and I consider the season a success in a lot of ways. Here are a few highlights of the photos I got.

Short-tailed Weasel

Short-tailed Weasel

River Otters at the Whittier Harbor

Steller Sea Lions

August 12. First aurora of the season with one of the Perseid Meteors on the right.

Me with a Silver Salmon

A Red-backed Vole that stowed away on the boat. I fed him some peanut Clif Bar then took him ashore.

Harbor Seal

Harbor Seal Pup

The lights of Whittier getting dwarfed by the aurora

A bumper crop of blueberries this summer


Me above Hummer Bay

Moonlight and aurora

Me above Passage Canal

Glacier tour. The head of Barry Arm.

Hummer Bay. One of the many places I anchored at. Explore by day and wait for aurora at night.

Looking down on the western sound. It was super windy up here!