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Monday, February 15, 2016

The Perfect Storm

After Bryn died, I planned on getting through the charter season, then getting a puppy. That is exactly what I did. On October 14, I was notified of a pup that had just come up for adoption at our city's shelter. Within an hour of being notified I met Storm and decided to adopt him. I had mixed feelings of course. I was missing Bryn terribly and I had adopted him from the same place long ago. Storm, who the shelter had named Nash, was dropped in the night just four days before with no paperwork so his age and everything else became guesswork. He was 27 pounds and labeled as a pit mix. Something we will never know for sure. Most people that meet him see a little pit in him and most think he is mixed with Australian Cattle Dog. Whatever he is he was cute as a button and well behaved so I took him home. I certainly needed him and he needed a good life. Here are the shots taken by the volunteer that found him for me. Some were taken for his adoption profile and some were taken while I was there. Much more to come about Storm later!

Happy happy happy!

So stinking cute!

An armload of mischief! These are the same kennels where I found Bryn 13 years ago.

Cuteness overload! Who could resist this face?

Love at first sight!