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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Stick in the Eye

I know every dog, and person, has misadventures in their lives. Little Storm is no different. One day we were out for a walk in the woods and he came up behind me pawing his left eye. It was muddy and just thought he needed it washed so I did at the nearby Campbell Creek. I couldn't see anything wrong and figured he would be fine. But by evening it was swollen shut and by morning it was really bad so off to the vet we went. His took one look and knew that Storm needed his eye worked on immediately. Somehow he had taken a stick into his upper left eye and it came close to putting his beautiful eye out. Luckily the eye heals super fast and after a week it was all better. He was left with a scar in his eye that will always be there but thankfully it is not going to bother him one bit. I of course am left wondering "What next?"

Storm and Kelly after his eye surgery at Sand Lake Animal Hospital

Storm gives Dr. Charles M. Muschany DVM a loving moment after his final eye checkup. Dr. Muschany has been my pet's vet since 1982. An angel for pets if there ever was one.