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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Let it Snow

Finally we had a real winter! Although it came late, we have not had this much snow since the winter of 2011/12.There was a lot of photography I wanted to go do this year but two things happened to me that prevented much of it. One was that I needed knee surgery which I did on March 1. Second was that my shoulder gave out and is in need of replacement which I will have done next October. Until then physical therapy is holding it together (I hope) until this summer's charter season is done. I picked a bad time to have shoulder issues as I had no choice but to shovel tons of snow. So all I did this winter was walk Storm all over the place. After my knee was worked on we did a lot less walking of course. I often carried my camera and had a lot of fun photographing Storm in the deep snow. Here are some of the shots I got. You can see how much fun Storm had!

Early winter night at Campbell Creek

When the lakes froze

Sundi Lake in early winter

Campbell Creek

My friend Brande's dog Rusty

Poor Storm had to swim in the snow much of the time!

One of the best action shots of Storm this year. A really hard shot to get!

Storm in the mountains above McHugh Creek

This was the shot I was looking for but I chopped his head off with the telephoto. He really moves fast!

Where's Storm?